Finger and Newcomb PC – Law Firm

Finger and Newcomb needed immediate help getting their file server back on line after a catastrophic drive failure. Files needed for ongoing litigation were not retrievable or “lost” on an unresponsive drive.

  • Customer Profile: Since 1980, Finger and Newcomb has been serving the legal needs of the metropolitan/mountain areas. Finger and Newcomb is a team of experienced trial lawyers recognized throughout the State of Colorado for effectively representing individuals and businesses of all sizes. Finger and Newcomb prides itself on being able to provide clients with the personal service, cost-effectiveness, and quality representation that a small firm is best able to provide. The firm has clients throughout the State of Colorado, including the Denver metropolitan area, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins/Greeley, Evergreen/Conifer, Gunnison County, Pueblo, Telluride, Aspen, and many other mountain communities.


  • Business Situation: Growing issues with a heavily infected and aging server, needing new equipment for the growing Firm, “Get Genuine” errors, and IT support to replace their previous vendor, while controlling costs during the transition.


  • Solutions: Upgrade and repair existing hardware, migrate to Linux server and integration of a UTM platform to increase firm security and reliability. Phased deployment of new equipment based on actual seats filled.


  • End Result: Customized technology solution design utilizing the latest application platforms improving law firm efficiencies while utilizing existing business processes. Ongoing support enables the organization to maintain the highest level of technology to stabilize the core business structure. Planned technology upgrade that keep pace with the Firm’s growth and control expenditures.


The Finger & Newcomb attorneys have successfully litigated hundreds of complex cases and are considered among the best litigation and appeals attorneys in the metropolitan/mountain areas. Its attorneys have numerous published opinions in the areas of Employment, Insurance, Real Estate, Eminent Domain and Land Use Law.
The Firm contacted ACC for immediate assistance getting their entire computer system back on-line. Additionally, the Firm wanted to improve the server’s performance; increase the level of security for electronic data.
Hitting the ground running our engineers identified the root hardware issues that had crippled the existing server and the Firm’s operations. ACC recommended immediate hardware repairs including installing a RAID 5 disk array and performing a migration to a Linux operating system to re-establish data access and server operations as well as free previously bogged down memory and disk resources.  ACC then installed a FortiNet FortiWIFI-50B to secure remote access to the network file structure and provide integrated antivirus and SPAM protection. Additionally, ACC addressed the operations emergency and network security hole, remote availability, and consistency of backups and disaster recovery preparation.
ACC’s immediate action procedures began within 4 hours of the initial call and rescued the data that was in danger of being lost. The following morning the Firm was operational as ACC’s engineers prepared a temporary solution while  implementing the hardware repairs off site. ACC prepared the Linux solution and incorporated the antivirus protection to all workstations. Staging the migration over the weekend allowed minimum disruption of attorney work while affording ACC engineers resources to carefully migrate records onto the new disk array. The Firm and ACC continue to move forward implementing additional system hardware upgrades and productivity enhancements.
Since the data and services migration, the Firm continues to thrive with a secure IT infrastructure and 100% uptime. ACC maintains an open and close relationship facilitating overall reliability and quick response for problems that may develop.